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KTMB’s Warrior Youth Education is a Next Generation Science Standards-aligned environmental education series that includes three units: Waste Warriors, Weed Warriors, and Watershed Warriors. Each unit introduces students to environmental problems common to all urban communities and provides them with the knowledge they need to take simple steps toward positive change. The curriculum is designed to inspire students to become stewards –or ‘warriors’– of the air, land and water in the Truckee Meadows. 

Each unit includes a dynamic video featuring students from Washoe County, hands-on and standards-aligned lesson plans, pre and post-student assessments, as well as an engaging presentation for your class by KTMB’s education staff. The lessons are free for teachers to use before and after the program. Please contact us for more information.

What students and teachers are saying about KTMB’s Warriors Youth Education program:

 My students have been inspired to be Waste Warriors. They have all set goals and defined ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, conserve water and start neighborhood clean-up projects. Because of the Waste Warrior’s program and presentation, my students are committed to Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful.  – Cheryl Pregal, Sixth Grade Teacher at Miguel Sepulveda Elementary

“Thank you for teaching us more about how to take care of our environment. We learned that if we start to recycle, we will have less trash. We also learned that before we throw something away, we should ask ourselves if we can recycle, reduce, or reuse it.” – 5th Grade Student from Hidden Valley Elementary

 “If I ever see trash on the ground, I’m going to pick it up so no animals get hurt by consuming the trash and so that I can keep mine and your community safe.” – 5th grader from Hidden Valley Elementary