Weed Warriors

Weed Warriors is one of KTMB’s 3-unit Warriors Youth Education series. It introduces students in grades 4-6 to what invasive, (or ‘noxious’), weeds are and why they are destructive to our habitat and economy. KTMB, Nevada Department of Agriculture, and Sierra Nevada Journeys developed the curriculum and supplemental video (below) for educators in Northern Nevada. The curriculum allows students to experience how they can affect change in their community by identifying and reporting noxious weeds, reducing their spread, and helping their parents to make informed choices about what plants belong in their yard.

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Did you know?

  • “Weed” just means a plant growing where you don’t want it.
  • An invasive weed rapidly multiples, taking all the resources in an area, which kills native species.
  • Loss of native plants can mean a loss of any wildlife using that plant for food or shelter.
  • Invasive weeds often use more water than native plants, can affect soil chemistry and cause destructive erosion.
  • A noxious weed is an invasive plant that is so destructive, the state has stepped in to try and control its spread.

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